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CASSY-S is the current generation of our Computer Assisted Science System - The cascadable interface for measured value recording ■For connection to the USB port of a computer, another CASSY module or the CASSY display ■Electrical isolation (inputs A and B, relay R) ■Cascading of up to 8 CASSY modules possible (to expand the inputs and outputs) ■Up to 8 analog inputs per Sensor-CASSY retrofittable using sensor boxes ■Automatic sensor box detection by CASSY Lab (plug and play) ■Microprocessor-controlled via the CASSY operating system (complete with software update functionality for fast, easy performance enhancements) ■Can be set up as a benchtop, console or demonstration unit (also suitable for CPS/TPS panel frames) ■Voltage supply 12 V AC/DC via cannon plug or an adjacent CASSY module The CASSY-S consists of... ■Sensor-CASSY 2 ■Sensor-CASSY ■Power-CASSY ■CASSY-Display ■Pocket-CASSY ■Mobile-CASSY ■Software CASSY Lab 2 (524 220) for Windows XP/Vista/7 Worlddidac Award 2012 for Sensor-CASSY 2 & CASSY Lab 2 On 31 August 2012, the international jury of the global trade association for companies providing products for education and training, "Worlddidac", awarded the LEYBOLD interface and the software for measurement data collection and evaluation CASSY Lab 2 with the coveted "Worlddidac Award." As part of the global trade fair for educational resources, "Worlddidac", which takes place between 24 and 26 October 2012 in Basel, both products will be presented to the international audience. The Sensor-CASSY 2 is the interface for recording measurement data for all educational levels - from secondary school to university. Due to its flexible design it can be used as a desktop device and with demonstration frames as well. It is compatible with all CASSY sensor boxes and sensors and thus offers nearly unlimited opportunities for determining relevant parameters in experimental physics, chemistry and biology as well as in technical education. The intuitively operable software CASSY Lab 2 records and visualizes the measurement data and provides various analysis functions. The key assessment criterion of the jury was the pedagogical value together with the product‘s high level of innovation. Aesthetics, environmental compatibility and user friendliness were also taken into account. Product evaluation was carried out in two phases: The jury of teachers, consisting of active teachers of different school types and representatives of different subject areas, performed the pre-evaluation. The second test and final evaluation was carried out by independent experts from different fields under the direction of Dr. Peter Gloor, professor at MIT in Boston. "We are pleased that the unique combination of a high metrological standard and intuitive operation has convinced the jury", says Eric Blumenthal, Managing Director of LD DIDACTIC.
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    Software for recording and evaluating measurement data acquired using the CASSY family, with comprehensive integrated help functionality •supports up to 8 Sensor- and Power-CASSYs on one USB port or serial interface •supports alternativelly up to 8 Pocket-CASSYs or Mobile-CASSYs at different USB ports •supports all CASSY sensor boxes •"plug and play" enabled for easy use: the software automatically detects the connected CASSYs and sensor boxes and displays these graphically, inputs and outputs are activated simply by pointing and clicking and typical experiment parameters are automatically loaded (depending on the connected sensor box) •powerful evaluation functions including various fits (straight line, parabola, hyperbola, exponential function, free fit), integrals, diagram labeling, calculation of user-definable formulas, differentiation, integration, Fourier transforms •convenient exporting of measurement data and diagrams via the clipboard •free update at "Software-Download" •graphical display of CASSY, sensor box and connector allocation when the experiment file is loaded •hardware configuration: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (USB port) or free serial interface (serial devices)
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