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Klinger plans work shops at summer BFY Advanced Lab

Klinger Educational - Monday, June 01, 2015

We will be demonstrating our X-ray apparatus and our Photonics laser teaching experiment. An expert physicist from the manufacturer of the equipment will be running the demos and will be available for questions throughout the AAPT conference. Here are links to the manuals and details of the demonstrations:

 P6.3.7.2 Compton Effect: Measuring the energy of the scattered photons as a function of the scattering angle

P6.3.5.4 Investigation of the characteristic spectra as a function of the elements atomic number:K-lines

P7.1.2.4 Debye-Scherrer Scan:determining the lattice spacings of a polycrystalline powder sample

P6.3.8.5 Tomography of geometric and biological samples

P5.8.6.3 Diode pumped Nd:YAG Laser with Frequency Doubling

Please feel free to come with questions, comments and/or special requests. We welcome the feedback from you.

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